September 10, 2004

Only in America

The families of the people shot by the Washington Sniper have sued the makers of the gun he used and the shop that sold it to him for compensation. This could only happen in america, both the crazy amount of litigious people out there who see money == blame, and the crazy people that see gun == good.

However this country flowing into violence, or at least the perception of violence with 90 percent of parents wanting random searches on school kids for drugs and weapons. So they are going to make the many feel oppressed so that a vanishingly small threat can be avoided. Personally I would prefer it if sociaty made them less likely to carry weapons.

Also from the BBC Intel thinks it has a solution to the problem of malware on the iinternet. Rebuild it using massive amounts of new, and expensive, hardware (from Intel). I have a different solution, try and get people to stop connecting to it while using Microsoft products which are the propogators of practically all mallware today. Of course Intel arn't going to say that the root course of the problem is their partner not being able to design a secure operating system to save their lives.


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